* Hubby I Miss You *

For the last four years, my husband and I have been travel partners in so many places that it almost felt weird not to have him beside me this time around.

I was excited to tick off an item in my bucket list- travel with my mum; but part of me remained in Dhaka. So I decided to take a bit of him around me â¤! This is a little project that I carried out in my trip to India and thought it would give my readers a quick glance of all the places I have been to. Each image comes with a caption directed towards my husband.

As I went around India embarrassing myself in public, I should mention, none of this would have been possible without the sheer force and epitome of patience i.e. my mum ❤!!

1. Agra: Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal is everything you said and more. Its a beauty completely out of this world. Although the history of it’s making still makes me uncomfortable, one cannot deny the emotions this Mahal can evoke. Standing tall, completely surreal! I only wish we visited it when it was less crowded. A monument of love that I visited without mine ðŸ˜¥

P.S- For those who thought this placard is invincible, let me stop you right there! I almost lost it when I visited here and it was a miracle that I found it back! Guess the power of love seeps through the universe! Wah Taj!

2. Agra: Fatehpur Sikri

They don’t call it the deserted city for nothing! However this came as an advantage while viewing the place and taking this snap; also, I met a lovely lady who thought this idea was adorable and gave me thumbs up! This is probably me missing you but remember Casa Montjuic in Barcelona?! This felt slightly similar to it, not in architecture or beauty but in experience as we walked around it .

3. New Delhi: Red Fort

Point Blur_Oct072017_205616.jpg

I missed not having you to carry my heavy back-pack (you know how much I carry on my day trips! ðŸ˜‚)!I also missed watching you turn red in the scorching New Delhi heat and complaining why I turn black instead ðŸ˜‘.I wish you were here so that we could take our time and walk through this amazing Fort and lie down on the green grass as some tourists did.

4. New Delhi:Qutb Minar


This place reminded me of our day through the Roman ruins. Although I admit, it’s not a fair comparison, but something about the ruined walls and archways took me back to Rome.I missed bothering you to take pictures in front of all archways and staircases I could find but you should know I am taking A LOT less self potraits ðŸ˜± ; so much so I am surprising myself!It’s like a new me, I tell you😑!

5. New Delhi: Lotus Temple


Well, this is a sight we would have definitely skipped but you know how I feel about flowers ðŸ˜‹! So I walked all the way in midday heat and embarrassed myself in front of people who came for more devoted reasons. Its is a pretty sight to look at, true to it’s name!

6.New Delhi: India Gate

Point Blur_Oct072017_204744-01.jpeg
I will be honest, I was a little relieved that you weren’t around to stop me from eating all street food available around this place! Relieved that you weren’t there to remind me about how they were made. So I did what any logical person would do and went completely OVERBOARD! And it was so yum!! I think you have liked the “nebu-pani” they make with soda, lemon juice salt and sugar! Yeah, given how much you love lemonades, I missed you a lot particularly then.

7.Jammu and Kashmir: Lavender Garden, Pahalgam


Missing you went to a whole new level when I landed in Kashmir! So I dressed up for you in Kashmiri attire to demonstrate how much!

8.Jammu and Kashmir: Betaab Valley, Pahalgam


How can you not be a lil filmy while you are on a visit to India?! So here is my bit of melodrama, a shot from a valley, known as Betaab Valley (meaning Desperate). A Hindi film by the same name was shot in this valley before we were even born and hence the place was named after it.The locals introduce it with much pride as they should and I suppose I don’t have to speak for it’s beauty. From both afar and upfront, it looks like a place, straight out of a landscape calendar!

9. Jammu and Kashmir: Chandanwari, Pahalgam


Looks a bit like Paro in Bhutan right?! But it’s even more beautiful that words will fail me if I tried to describe it. You would have loved it here, just sitting beside this stream idly and watching the day pass by. Infact you would have loved Pahalgam because everyone and everything is so chilling in here!

10.Jammu and Kashmir: Sonamarg


Let’s just not write anything this time. Lets just stay awestruck at this snap and try to take this beauty that is Sonamarg.

It was freezing out there and I am not even exaggerating! I need brownie points for my efforts humph!

11.Jammu and Kashmir: Shikara Ride Over Dal Lake


Oh, how I wish you were here with me to share this ride! It had sofa-like seats (cannot be seen in the photo) which I know you would have loved! You can literally lie down as the Shikara stroll passes the house boats and other Shikaras with hills at a distance. The ride quickly becomes a lazy floating market where people come to you in their Shikaras offering saffron, fruit chat, jewelry and what not!! 

12. Jammu and Kashmir: Horse-riding During Sightseeing


The thing about Kashmir is a lot of tourist spots have to be visited via a horse-ride which is kind of pretty amazing. Up the hill and down the stream. Although it’s loads of fun but later that night your body starts aching in places you didn’t even know exist, but hey it’s all worth it!

No this is not a nice capture, taken by one of the horse “drivers”

13.Jammu and Kashmir: Jawaharlal Nehhru Botanical Garden, Srinagar


Thanks to our guide + chauffer, Shawkat Ali, we had the opportunity to visit a handful of Baghs or Gardens in Srinagar.Although after a time, all of them seems to share similarities for obvious reasons, there are two that stood out for me.One of them being this one. This isn’t as ancient as the others but the view of the Dal Lake and the hills beyond makes this garden the perfect picnic spot! We would have definitely spent a lazy afternoon here❤!

14.Jammu and Kashmir: Nishat Bagh, Srinagar


One of those gardens built in the Mughal times. It is beautiful and you would be surprised how many flowers there were, still in bloom at the end of fall. I can only imagine how it looks in spring!

Yes, I couldn’t walk anymore.

15. Jammu and Kashmir: Pari Mahal, Srinagar



I just had to take two shots here! This was my favorite of the touristy places we went in Srinagar. The view of the Dal Lake it offers from a distance was absolutely breathtaking!I would have said I missed you scolding me for getting too near to the edge but your mother-in-law compensated for that !!

16.Jammu and Kashmir: House Boat, Srinagar


Finally one from the house boat we stayed in and I am not kidding when I say each room is bigger than our own bedrooms! It even has a commode (I was very worried about that) and a bathtub ( you know how fascinated I am with bathtubs during holidays!). Just look at those intricate designs on wood! It’s like that all over!!

Signing off with hopes to make such an epic trip with you!

With Love,


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