Minimalism Movement: Hosting a Book Giveaway

There are many ways people have adapted Minimalism in their life. As The Minimalists say, there are no hard and fast rules to being a Minimalist. We are all entitled to try and figure out what work for us. For example, I have found value in focusing on one aspect of my life at a time. While there are many practicing Minimalists who probably will beg to differ, with my life, the commitments in it and through personal experience, I have realized that “one area at a time” is what suits me the best.

By focusing on one aspect at a time, I have been able to realize how often we accumulate things we don’t need and how having little is not only enough but relieving and relaxing as well. These two realizations have in turn helped me enjoy the minimalism experience thoroughly. Taking slow, steady steps has ensured that for this Minimalist there is no going back πŸ™‚

With regard to above, today I am introducing a brand new segment in my blog:

The Minimalism Movement!

This segment will focus on  specific material aspects of my life that I have simplified. Such entries will include a description and photos of materials in concern.

So, for the very first entry of my Minimalism Movement, we have (drum rolls please!): Book Giveaway!


Books are my guilty pleasure. Before I go further, it is important to point out that our city does not have many decent libraries yet. So, to borrow and read books, especially those that are recent, isn’t a very common practice around here. As a result,  over the years, I have bought and accumulated a lot of books, most of which I  have never re-read, (a very few that I couldn’t even finish!). There are others I didn’t particularly enjoy either; but I had invested in them and hence they became a part of my collection. I had a somewhat good and versatile collection and it felt nice to be able to say or show that to others. However, those books that once brought joy in my life eventually became an aspect of concern; dusting them, airing them during monsoon season and so on.  A lot of my mental space, time and effort went in taking care of them than actually reading or re-reading them for pleasure. I decided to do something about it.


The obvious choice was to sell them off at a reduced rate. Problem solved and extra cash couldn’t possibly hurt, right? However, I couldn’t bring myself to do that. These books have been a part of my life for such a long time that it did not feel right to put a price tag on the pleasures they brought to me. Only if I could share them with those who would be able to understand their worth and find value in them like I did . So, after much deliberation I decided to host a book giveaway in a meet-up of one of the largest online book club in Bangladesh: Litmosphere!

For those who don’t know, Litmosphere is a facebook book club that I have been a proud part of for a while. The supreme leader, Rubaiya Tasmin Choudhury, together with other admins, moderators and city representatives have done a wonderful job in maintaining  an amazing ambiance for readers in the group.

When I discussed about the book giveaway, Rubaiya and the South Dhaka Representatives,  Sarah Mehjabeen Saki and Shahbaz Amin Bhuiyan were glad to accommodate. 76 books, 19 members in the meet-up and the rest is history!

Thank you for reading ❀

With Love,


Book Giveaway: Cafe Cherry Drops, Dhanmondi, Dhaka


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