Jellyfish at Ripley’s Aquarium

From the fragrance of flourishing spring flowers,
To the whispers of the wind between the autumn leaves;
From the first few tiny drops of rain,
To the visit of winter, when the bitter cold cleaves.

She searches all through the changing seasons,
The azure sky and the deep green field;
Crossing a thousand obstacle in her way,
With a hope for a new dream to build.

Loneliness embraces her in the road she walks upon,
With her shadow, follow her own fears;
She knows she is fighting a losing battle,
Yet she strives to hold back her tears.

Even after the barriers in the way,
Like a stream she continues, her search flows;
Not knowing where she is heading to,
The end that she seeks is nowhere close

In the midst of her quest, she will realize,
When all her attempts will fail;
That happiness isn’t what we chase after,
It’s a ship that sets itself on sail.

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