A Beautiful Summer Day on Toronto Islands

In an unknown rhythm, an unknown rhyme
The nagging worry of departure continues
Pieces of memories flashes through my mind
Like a piano playing some forgotten tunes.

Even now, when I am done,
With the packing, re-checking and loading
I am aware of something I am leaving behind
Through my fingers, like sand, it’s slipping.

I can see the by-gone years from where I stand
Between the sweet-sour memories, the heart cries
I knew a day as such will be here soon
When the time will come to break out of all ties.

To welcome the future, we have to let go of our past
The journey of life, that’s how it continues
Accepting the bitter truth that nothing forever remains
I’ve filled my mind with dreams of different hues.

When the sun rose over the dreamy cloud today
Promising a better life ahead
I felt the warmth over my face
From now on, no secret tears will be shed.

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