Under the Laser: My Lasik Surgery Experience

About nine months ago on my visit to Dhaka, I decided it was a great idea to do the LASIK surgery in the midst of attending two of my cousins’ weddings. Not to add any pressure but it was the first time I was visiting home after I moved to TO. 3 weeks: 2 weddings, 1 surgery, 1 out of city visit- totally doable!

I have been wearing glasses for almost two decades and my fascination with them quickly faded away a few years into it. That’s about the time I realized I did not like wearing glasses when attending parties and festivities and I was terrible at using contact lens. In addition to that, my power was spherical (amount of correction needed for myopia or hyperopia i.e. nearsightedness or farsightedness) AND cylindrical (correction for astigmatism- a type of refractive error caused by the irregularities in the shape of a person’s cornea) and hence it was never quite right with my contacts (which only comes in spherical power).

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I seriously started contemplating on LASIK surgery. I read about the procedure, talked to people who underwent the surgery and got as many details as I could about the recommended doctors in Dhaka. Armed with all that, you would think I would be ready to go under the laser right? But I couldn’t. It was MY EYES and I was scared. My family suggested that if I really wanted to go ahead with it, I might as well do it out of the country- to be safe.

Well, that never happened then. About the same time, we decided to move to TO and a surgery before that did not seem like the right move. Then I survived a brutal Canadian winter with foggy glasses. When the second winter came, I called my mother to get in touch with my ophthalmologist back home to recommend a doctor for the LASIK surgery. This time, no research, no reading up, just dove right in with eyes wide open!

LASIK Surgery Details

  • Doctor : Dr. Rokhshana Reaz, Consultant Lasik Surgeon
  • Hospital: Bangladesh Eye Hospital & Institute, Dhanmondi Branch
  • Pre LASIK-Test: BDT 5000.00
  • Surgery (LASIK Microkeratome) : BDT 55,000.00
  • Medication (4 months) : BDT 4500.00 approx
  • Consultation Fees (Primary +Follow Up) : BDT 1000.00 + 600.00
  • Overall Experience: Great with hospital staff and the doctor; as long as you maintain the instructions to the T, you can expect to be back on your feet within a week. I did!

Under the Laser

I had to schedule my surgery between the gap of the two weddings in the family. I honestly do not recommend that to anyone because it was tiresome but if that’s all the time you have, you have to make the best use of it. Mind you though, being the planner that I am, I actually had almost every part of my day of the holiday planned down to every detail (with contingencies!) So if you are not as neurotic as I am, I suggest not to go down this path.

Each LASIK surgery patient is designated a room where the the patient and their family can wait pre , during and post Op. This was very helpful for me and family who were with me. It can be a bit of a wait sometime; the procedure has become so common that there are several done back to back by the same doctor.

Getting into any operation theater is a bit nerve wrecking and I obviously felt the same . However I have to add that the staff at the hospital were friendly and accommodating.

If you have read or heard about the LASIK surgery experience, you probably heard (or read) about the burning smell and the piercing vibrating sound that can easily give one a migraine. Well I experienced them both and it is true that the sound and smell does not help! It is also true that that horror and discomfort last for a very few seconds, so you just have to hold on and be strong and brave for those horrific seconds.

Life Post Lasik

Right after the procedure, I was taken back to my designated room to rest. It does not happen to everyone but I had discomfort for a while after the surgery. I was then taken to the doctor for a post-op observation who added eye drops and voila all was well. I was sent home and there was a follow -up 1 and 7 days after the procedure.

The rest is history. I travelled 15 days after my surgery back to TO and dove back to work the very next day. I was given eye drops to use for 3-6 months and I made sure I maintained that.

It has not even been a year but I honestly can’t remember my life with specs anymore. I distinctly remember bring surprised that I was not looking for them weeks after surgery as I anticipated I would. Yes, up to 4 -5 months, I eyes got tired after a while and I had to rest them from time to time, and that went away after 6 months. The transition to no specs life was Alhamdulliah very smooth and I am immensely grateful to my family for entertaining my crazy routine. With winter at our doorstep, I am looking forward to be foggy specs-free.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the procedure if you or someone you know is considering LASIK surgery. I would recommend the procedure to anyone because those few seconds of horror is worth the years without specs!

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