About Me

Hi there!

My name is Farhin, a healthcare executive by profession and an aspiring writer at heart.

I am a practicing minimalist, trying to lead a simple lifestyle and this blog is a witness to that endeavor. Fika is a Swedish word, which translates to “a moment of quality time to savor with oneself or others, accompanied by hot beverages and sweets”. So here I am, with a cuppa and some delicious scones to document my adventures in life!
This space is my creative outlet, where I tune inward, to connect with myself and what I care about, mindfully and meaningfully. I haven’t figured it all out, but I am on the quest, openly and honestly.

I write about self-improvement and mindful living, books and feminism, immigrant experiences, and everything in-between that peaks my curiosity. A serial list maker and an obsessive planner, I also dabble in DIYs, paper crafts and lettering.

I value mental well-being fiercely, having the personal experience of battling with anxiety from a young age;  I believe that less is more and will pick experiences over material possessions any day. I also believe what we learn is what we earn, which is why I am a strong advocate of knowledge, growth and personal development.

Many of you know might know me as “The Making of a Minimalist” , which was the original name of this blog. I changed it recently to better represent the content I like to create.

Now that we are somewhat acquainted, come take a Fika with me and connect in a way that is meaningful.

I hope you are here to stay.

With Love,

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