DIY Maternity Photoshoot

Hubster and I are poles apart when it comes to photoshoots. So when I told him I wanted to do a maternity photoshoot, he was all set to run in the opposite direction! He is camera shy and I imagine that posing in front of the lens intimately with me is difficult for him, that too in front of others. I get that, but as someone who likes to document her life journey, I was not going to just give in either!

Since I had to stop working during my pregnancy, I was conscious of the expenses that came with hiring a professional photographer. I was not willing to pay the big bucks, which is why I decided to do our maternity photoshoot ourselves- with a little help from friends. I am so glad I made that decision because it turned out to be more meaningful in many ways. We kept it simple in terms of attires and props, treated an Airbnb we went to for a weekend getaway as the main location of the photoshoot. We took inspiration from Pinterest of photos that we both were comfortable posing as in front of our friends. Most importantly we did a limited number of pictures, you know quality over quantity :). Here is the detailed breakdown in case you decide to do your own!

Pinterest Inspo

As much as pregnancy is about mothers and their wants and needs, I made a conscious decision of involving Hubster every step of the way. Without a human growing inside you, I imagine that it’s probably hard to relate to the concept of growing family and fatherhood. I had an open discussion with Mashrur, explained to him how the photoshoot is about the both of us and took notes of what he was comfortable doing in front of the lens. Based on that and what I wanted, I browsed through Pinterest and selected a handful of pictures that ticked our boxes and were fairly simple to replicate. I also took a couple of shots by ourselves at home and in parks around. Click here to access the board on Pinterest that I created!

Photoshoot Location

Summer is breathtaking in Toronto and so an outdoor location is easy to come by during that time. However, for an intimate photoshoot, one also needs the location to be somewhat secluded for comfort and ease of posing. While any one of the parks in the city might have done the job, for the main photoshoot, I decided to settle for a backyard of an Airbnb we rented for Labour Day weekend getaway. There was nothing particularly beautiful about it to be fair, but it had trees and grasses, the perfect sunlight at the right time of the day and most importantly we had it completely to ourselves. I also carried the props around when we went to parks or outside the city in case we ran into any nice settings we wanted to take pictures in.

Attires and Props

At the time of the photoshoot, we did not know whether we were welcoming a baby boy or a girl. I suppose that made it easier for me to choose the colour theme of the main photoshoot, which I decided to be white- a common colour in every wardrobe. We also did a short one with black attires at a park. The only thing I bought for the photoshoot was the knitted white shoes.

  • Attire for Her: A White Flowy Dress, Black Jumpsuit
  • Attire for Him: White Shirt, Black Shirt, Blue Jeans,
  • Props : Knitted White Shoes for Baby, White Fascinator, Ultrasound Photos. Baby Onesies that I got for Hubster on Father’s Day
  • Camera and Lights: iPhone 12, Ring Light Stand

Help from Friends

I am grateful to have friends who are ready to entertain my whimsical requests at the drop of a hat. We had two friends accompanying us to the weekend getaway and I could not think of a better pair to help us out with the photoshoot. What was more important is that Hubster and I each had a friend that we were comfortable with, which made the photoshoot all the more fun for everyone involved, instead of a drag! It took us roughly about 1.5- 2 hours and we had a handful of beautiful pictures at the end of it. There are still some photos pending which I have plans to recreate by myself at home. I will add them here if/when I get it done. For now, this is it. Hope you enjoy the pictures and find some useful tips if you ever decide to do a photoshoot by yourself`!

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