Kala Chicken

“Kala Chicken” is the name my family and friends chose to give to my signature chicken dish. I tried a bit more finesse, “Chicken in Oyster Sauce” or “Chicken with Fried Onion” but “Kala Chicken” is what stuck. Unfortunately. To be fair, the dish is a little “Kala”, but it is also my most popular … More Kala Chicken


In an unknown rhythm, an unknown rhymeThe nagging worry of departure continuesPieces of memories flashes through my mindLike a piano playing some forgotten tunes. Even now, when I am done,With the packing, re-checking and loadingI am aware of something I am leaving behindThrough my fingers, like sand, it’s slipping. I can see the by-gone years … More In-Between


I lie to my own shadow, From my own reflection, I hide; I look for a path to undo the past, The pain rules a ground, deep and wide. Beneath the veil of darkness, I seek refuge, For light exposes the truth of my guilt; Only at midnight, I dare to walk, Shattered is the … More Regret